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Welcome to cooldress

Cooldress is your multipurpose app. Fitted for social and fashion purposes, you can find here inspiration, friends, outfits, styling ideas, brands and the chance to be the most stylish person.

Your outfits and style will help you get likes, ratings and win confrontations whith other people. The more confrontations you win the more points you gain and then turn them into vouchers or other benefits. All you need to do is be active, post your coolest outfit ideas, tag the items you’re wearing and inspire others, the rest will follow.

Make-up & Accessories

Make-up represents us, it says somethings about us. It communicates what we want to communicate. Behind make-up there are aspects of our personality and character that emerge from the way we make up our eyes, mouth or the colors we use.

Accessories are very important to define our look and communicate our identity. In fact, it is very often the accessories that make the difference, reinforcing and defining the message of the clothes. What do accessories communicate? First of all the uniqueness. Nothing like accessories is able to communicate our identity and what makes us unique.

Last contest winners

LIDIA – December 2022
SEBI – December 2022

At the end of each month a contest ends by rewarding two winners with our fantastic vouchers!

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PAPY FASHION – Park Lake Shopping Center. Bucuresti. Romania
ANDREEA M PETCU-MACHIAJ PROFESIONAL – Strada Rodiei 3. Bucuresti. Romania
STEFAN BURDEA – Calea Mosilor 59. Bucuresti. Romania

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